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Pooling Hockey Energy


Since 2014, we've been kicking butt in hockey pools and donating our winnings to KidSport. We love helping kids get onto the courts & fields and boosting youth play!


Our Hockey Pool Track Recordr(!! 


Our Fundraising Efforts For KidSport 





Team TLC donated a special collection of NHL autographs from their "Canada 150" project to KidSport Vancouver's "Gift of Sport" fundraiser!


Thank you so much to the following players!




Z.Chara, J.Gaudreau, M.Giordano, V.Hedman, R.Johansen, A.Kopitar, B.Marchand, R.O'Reilly, M.Scheifele, J.Tavares, J.Toews, B.Wheeler


...and from the Canucks: B.Boeser, B.Horvat, E.Pettersson




A.Macinnis, R.Brind'amour, B.Campbell, V.Damphousse, T.Fleury, R.Francis, G.Fuhr, J.Iginla, K.Mclean, B.Ranford, L.Robinson, S.Stevens 



What a special night for our community project!







2018-19:  We celebrated our 5th year...with 3 more top pool finishes!

Lauria Volkswagen   2nd / 197...and 2nd / 189 in their playoff pool!
Jag's Hockey Pool   3rd / 14   
Mike's Playoff Pool   3rd / 57   





2017-18: We wrapped up Year 4 and scored 4 "Top Finishes" in hockey pools including our biggest win placing 1st in the Coupe LePool 2018 (out of 964) !





  That's "14 Top Finishes" in hockey pools since 2014!



Canada 150 Project 


We did it!  We accomplished something pretty awesome. We collected 150+ NHL autographsJust a lil something extra special to celebrate Canada 150.


What are we going to do with these autographs afterwards?


We'll use them to inspire youth play and gift them away!


                       Our "Canada 150" autograph collection!  



               (click here for a list of the players)            



The Lu Family


We're a boat family that came on a journey to Canada in 1980. We're on another journey to gift back to the country that gave us so much. 


Plus, read our letter of gratitude to Prime Minister Trudeau! 





Our Game Plan



Calling All
Hockey Pools!
Let us know about your hockey
pool fundraiser.



         Game On,

You At The Finish Line!


Collect prizes, winnings and

bragging rights.






We'll donate 50% of winnings

back to any youth sports

fundraisers the following year.


Boost Youth

Sports Play


We'll donate the other 50%

(plus winnings from any other

pools) to a local KidSport chapter.