BOXX Pool Champions (2014 - 2017)




Our mission was to boost kids’ play and activity by raising funds that would go directly towards improving access to organized and recreational sports and play. We believe that children benefit from participating in sports in many ways including improved health and self-esteem, leadership and team building.
We believe health benefits are long term as children who play sports often continue to exercise regularly when they are adults. By starting young, we can help kids develop good habits, memorable experiences and friendships that will last their lifetime. Unfortunately, many kids cannot afford the registration fees or the equipment they need to play sports.
This is where we pitched in! We organized an annual hockey pool fundraiser, raising almost $3,000 in total for KidSport! KKk !!   
KidSport – So All Kids Can Play!

KidSport gives financial assistance for sports equipment and registration fees for kids ages 18 and under. In BC alone, they provided $1.4 million to over 6,700 kids. Across Canada, they gave an amazing $6.5 million to over 60,000 kids. Learn more here.


Past Winners


Stamkos's Sand BOXX                     Tavares's Tool BOXX

1. Tim L. - Vancouver                        1. Sean T. - Surrey

2. Sean T. - Surrey                            2. Andrew U. - Coquitlam

3. Fred L. - Vancouver                       3. Nik F. - Vancouver



1. Emily Hirai - Vancouver

2. Fred Li - Vancouver

3. Nik Fabisiak - Vancouver

4. Rosalyn Bennett - Kamloops

5. Jackson Lam - Vancouver



1. Steve Dornan - Vancouver

2. Tammy Lam - Vancouver

3. Chelsea Handel - Kamloops

4. Navdip Sahota - Vancouver

5. Wilson Kwong - Vancouver



1. Wilson Kwong - Vancouver

2. Ian McIntosh - New Westminster

3. Sean Desjardins - Fort St. John

4. Jarret Poitras - Victoria

5. Sebastian Olaru - Port Coquitlam