Our collective efforts (fundraising, donations & personal hockey pool winnings) have raised $9,370 for Kidsport

This has helped a classroom of kids play sports!



Pooling hockey energy & gifting back 

We're joining hockey box pools everywhere (check out our track record).  Especially, the ones supporting youth sports or charity fundraisers. 

But hey, free pools with great prizes are game for us, too.  Plus, any winnings will go back into our communities! 

Between our hockey pool fundraiser, pool winnings and donations here's what we've raised for KidSport so far:




                        Year 1

          Number of top finishes in hockey pools: 5

    Trung with David & Brent Nichols of KidSport Vancouver                                




                           Year 2

          Number of top finishes in hockey pools: 4

     Trung & Caroline with Neil Smith of Kidsport Vancouver




                          Year 3

Team BOXX Pool Champions with Neil Smith of KidSport Vancouver